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The most convenient way to create eye-catching animations. Create interactive, vector-based animations for the Web or displays. Build visually rich websites in drag-and-drop environment.

Photo Lab

Button Maker

FTP Client

Generate web buttons in a minute. Manage files and folders of your website. Enhance and process images for the Web. sftp-sbox sfld-box bsga-box btnm-box phlb-box awards wmae-box id41810336 sfull-box-big

Selteco Full Suite helps you quickly create great websites rich in graphics and animation effects. Just add your text pictures, animations, Google Maps, YouTube videos, interactive menus, 3D buttons, forms and then publish everything with a single click.

$ 249.00 free oDownload oBuy Now oMore oDownload oBuy Now oMore oDownload oBuy Now oMore oDownload oBuy Now oMore oDownload oBuy Now oMore oDownload oMore smmk-box

Menu Maker

The easiest way to create pull-down web menus. oRun Now oBuy Now oMore

Slider Maker

Create slide-shows and add them to your home page. oDownload oMore $49.00 sfsb-box

Flash Screen Builder

Convert any Flash file to full-screen presentation. oDownload oBuy Now oMore $ 99.00 $ 39.00 $ 49.00 $ 179.00 $ 59.00 $ 29.00

The complete web animation software.


Image Resizer

Downsize pictures before uploading online. oDownload oMore free sldmbox oBuy Now $ 149.00 $ 79.00 DOWNLOAD NOW BUY NOW

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