Image2 5 Bannershop GIF Animator

Bannershop™ Extensions (Plug-Ins)

Extensions are extra components that extend the functionality of Bannershop™ GIF Animator. Extensions contain animation effects that put your animation on the move. There are intro and outro effects. Intro effects create animation before the frame appears, and outro effects - before the frame disappears.

Have you ever realized how much effort does it take to create a simple animation? Bannershop™ GIF Animator extensions extend the power of Bannershop™ GIF Animator and put your animation in motion in just few mouse-clicks.

Applying Effects

Effects can be applied to individual images or to the entire frame. To apply an effect choose Intro Animation... or Outro Animation from the Image or Frame menu. You may also right-click on the image and choose the command from the context menu.

After the dialog appears, select a desired effect, and click OK to confirm your selection: