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How to create a banner

Animated GIF Example -

This banner was created using the Bannershop™ GIF Animator transparent color technique. It also demonstrates usage of several animation extensions.

Few steps were necessary to create the banner:

1. Start with blank document:

2. Add new frames, set the frame background colors and frame duration times:

3. Import the picture and crop it using the "Crop" tool:

4. Set foreground color transparency to 100% and retouch the picture using the "Pen" tool:

This enables the picture to be used on different backgrounds, without the need to retouch it every time the background changes.

5. Copy the picture to the clipboard and populate it into the other frames using the "Paste" command

6. Enter and position text in each frame using the "Text" tool:

7. Finally, in order to apply animation effects to text, simply right-click with the mouse on the desired object and select an "animation" command from the menu. See extensions section for details on applying effects.




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