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How to make a gif banner

Do you need advanced skills to make a GIF banner? Certainly not. Follow the steps below to create your first GIF banner and upload it to your website.

oDownload Bannershop GIF Animator

1. Choose banner size. If you don't know the size, specify standard dimensions of 468 pixels by 60 pixels. This is the size for a full banner as recommended by IAB.

2. Add frames. Choose "Frame" > "Insert New Frame"

3. Add text and images. Use the toolbox to find paintbrush, pencil, shape tool and text editing tools.

4. Add animations. Simple but effective animations are size changes, moving an element across the banner or changing a color of an element.

5. Preview it. Press F9 to launch your banner in the built-in preview window.

6. Export it as Graphics Interchange Format file. Go to the "File" menu, and choose "Save As GIF Animaton". Click Save to store your banner as a .gif file.

Bannershop GIF Animator is one of the best programs to create banners for the Web. You can use it to make animations, buttons, avatars and other animated gif works. Good luck with creating your own advertisements.