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GIF Optimization Wizard

Optimizing a GIF is a snap. Load the file you want to optimize and choose "Optimization Wizard" from the "File" menu:


Reduce the number of colors or preserve image quality by choosing "exact palette" (GIF format is limited to 256 colors. If the color depth exceeds 256 colors, the only choice to "exact palette"):

See the report how much you have saved. Here you can also preview optimized animation:

And finally save you animation to the file:

Bannershop™ GIF Animator provides better optimization ratio than other GIF Animators

According to our tests in 90% of the cases Bannershop™ GIF Animator yields the best compression ratio and creates the most compact GIF file. Here is an example:

We have optimized this banner using other GIF animators. Each time we have used all available animator's options to minimize the file size. In some cases it was necessary to launch animator's wizard several times, to obtain the best optimization. All files have been saved with 128 color palette and maximum optimization. Here are the results (GIF file size in bytes):

Bannershop™ GIF Animator created the smallest GIF file!

We strongly encourage you to perform you own tests on different files.

If you discover a software that performs better than Bannershop™ GIF Animator please send us an email.