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I struck gold

I wanted to jot you a quick note to say how totally impressed I am with your Selteco Bannershop GIF Animator. After trying about 5 or 6 other supposedly comprehensive and easy to use banner creation programs, I finally struck gold when I downloaded your trial version of Bannershop GIF Animator. Upon using Bannershop for only a few moments, I immediately regained valuable disk space on my hard drive by removing all of those other banner programs! As far as I am concerned, there are NO OTHER programs in Bannershop's class! I left nothing less than 5 stars in each feature category on ZD-Net to share the good news to others in search of the best.!
Thanks a bunch!
Angela King

The best program

Small Progam and yet it's powerful. This is the best program I've had after downloading about 10 banner programs on the web. This is the easiest, and fastest banner program there is. 5 stars!

Good banner maker

This is a good banner maker!! I downloaded so many different programs that said you could use to make banners with. This one is the ONLY ONE that even came close to what I was looking for- - to make actual BANNERS! It's very easy to use. And you can save and use what you made with Bannershop! Many of the 'other' trial programs didn't let me save, OR they did but it had their company name written all over it! This is the only trial banner program that I would ever recomend. 5 stars out of 5

High-powered graphics application

There are quite a few programs that help you construct GIF-formatted banners, without knowledge of code. However, they never seem to match the kind of output that high-powered graphics applications can produce. Bannershop GIF Animator, to use a tired phrase, lets you have cake and eat it too. It allows anyone to easily create pro-quality banners and buttons. 5 stars out of 5

A simple interface

Bannershop GIF Animator is an incredibly easy way to create animated .gif files. If you create presentations, need animated effects for your Website, or want to develop some flashy banner ads, this program will let you quickly do it. A simple interface, much like a standard graphics program, lets you create animations step by step.

Pretty complex banner ads

Very easy to use. The interface takes almost no instruction at all to jump in and start making banners. It appears to be capable of making some pretty complex banner ads.

Fast and simple

Quickest way to produce simple banners. If you just need to get a banner out quickly, this is the best I have seen and the price is right.

One of the easiest programs

This program is great. This is one of the easiest programs Ive ever used.

BEST banner program

The absolute BEST banner program! In just 5 minutes I had an amazing proffesional banner made! This program is the best!

Good Product

Its the best animatior I have used in a long time. I have used other ones like Banner Maker Pro and some others but so far this one is the best and the easiest to use. I recommend that you buy it.


Very cool banner maker!

Better than all else

The best in my quest for a gif animator. The reason it's better than all else is because it's very intuitive. And doesn't have as many features as photoshop ofcourse. But it has every feature you need for creating banners. Much better than using photoshop or the other gif animator.

I recommend it

easy, simple 2 use!! well i didn't purchase it, but my 30 day trial just expired and i plan on purchasing it. i enjoyed using it, i didn't get it at first, but it was simple to understand once u play around with it for a little while. you can even preview the final product and everything, i recommend it for anyone who likes making animations.

Good for beginners

I knew nothing about making banners before I downloaded this,but now I've made alot of em,including animated ones. It's really easy using the wizard and I'd recommend atleast trying it out.


I have been looking for a decent animated GIF editor for a long time. My search has finally ended with this program, Bannershop GIF Animator. It lets you do everything - everything. It's great!
Dean of P-Town, Oregon

Good Results.

I've used this program for a while now and I think its great. If you've got some creative ideas, then its great for creating corporate style images.

I like it.... a lot!

This is probably one of the easiest to use!! It had never frozen on me, flickered, although it did cause an illegal operation... but my computer is OLD, so your computer probably won't do the same. The problem is, it cant handle more than 12-15 frames of 200x90's, but nevertheless it's a really good animator-majiggy!! =) Good for beginners, however, experts may want more features.
girl who likes to design her page

Quick and Easy to Learn.

My 10 year old daughter learnt how to use this really quickly - it took me a little longer but my banner is now on the front page of a regional newspaper website!

Wonderful Program.

Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to handle. I would recommend this product to anyone. It's great.
Sean Sullivan

Easy to use...

perfect for learning how to create gif banners from srcatch.

Very useful!

I kept downloading gif making programmes that just didn't work for me, until I found Bannershop GIF Animator. It is totally excellent and pretty easy to use!

All-round good program

This is good 4 creatin animated / detaied pics for a web site for example . top notch