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Animated GIF Example - Tauriti Island

Animated GIF Example - Tauriti Island

Ann had no clue about gif animation until she discovered Bannershop GIF Animator. She worked for a the real-estate agency and her job was to maintain its Web site catalog. One of the items for sale was a nice, quiet island...

Having only the above pictures, Ann was to prepare a simple animation for the Web catalog. Because Tauriti island had been chosen as the "Offer of the Week", her manager requested that she design a banner.

Ann's first task was to create a catalog entry for the Web page. Using GIF Animation Wizard she created a simple 2-picture animation within 20 seconds, and placed the following description on the Web site:

French Polynesia
2.3 sq km

The next step was to design a banner for the home page. With incredible ease, Ann imported the existing pictures into the program and created a banner that will attract customer attention. All text was entered in directly using Bannershop GIF Animator.