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Making Images Transparent

"Make Transparent" command is very useful for converting grayscale bitmaps to Bannershop 4 channel color space (RGB + alpha channel). Usage of this command is illustrated below:

The logo of company "Supermedia" exists only in grayscale image. We want to make it yellow and transparent, so it can be animated on non-solid background:

To make this image transparent select it first using "Arrow" tool, select desired foreground color (yellow in this case) and choose Make Transparent command from the Image menu. The bitmap will become transparent. Transparency mask is based on image grayscale, white pixels become transparent and black are filled with current foreground color. Alpha channel is anti-aliased, and like grayscale, it has 256 levels of transparency. It ensures that the image is soft and has no sharp edges:

Now the logo is transparent and it can be easily animated using Bannershop™ Extensions. In this example we have applied "Motion Blur In" as intro effect, and "Fly To Left" as outro effect. The final animation looks like this: