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Create interactive Flash animations fast and easy. Alligator Flash Designer Shape7 oMore oMore oMore oMore 8 oAnimation effects oMasking objects oMove on path oRollovers oVector text oImage presentation oMenus oCarousel oMore screenshot-small arrow Create Flash websites, slide-shows, banners and other animations. Import photos, screenshots, Flash cliparts, animated GIFs and video files. Add shapes, lines, curves, text, 3D effects and gradients. Insert links to other pages, create buttons and clickable hotspots. Play background music, voice-overs and click sounds. Apply animation effects (like zoom, flip, rotate, slide-in, fade) to each object. Export Flash files (SWF) and add them to your website. Build online applications with ActionScript language. Shape71 oTickers oMore oLeaflet

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interactiveforms billcrispywebsite fitnesscenter mazdadesign slideshows sliders Flash sliders allow you to deliver more content on limited space of your home page. An animated Flash presentation makes a much more powerful impression than a static image. Interactive Flash forms allow the user to input data and perform calculations in real-time. Flash allows for full integration of all a page's animated elements, including navigation menus, page transitions and picture galleries. Flash banners allow you to display larger amounts of text while still staying within limits set by the hosting website. Alternating images make for an attractive addition to a homepage. oFlash Designer ZONE