Image2 Alligator Flash Designer 8

Multimedia Presentations

An animated presentation makes a much more powerful impression than a static image. A simple presentation can be put together and published online in as little as 15 minutes.

The sample Flash presentation below was made with Alligator Flash Designer. Move-trailer like transitions between its 13 frames enhance the effect on the visitor.

The first frame presents the animated caption “MAZDA DESIGN”, which fades in from the black backdrop as part of the intro animation. The caption increases in size somewhat for three seconds, and then fades out into black with the outro animation.

The caption in the second frame (“presents”) is animated the same way as the first frame.

The third frame displays an underexposed photo of a car in which only its silhouette becomes visible.

The fourth frame with the text “UNLEASHED POWER & BEAUTY” makes use of intro, motion, and outro animations, as do the first two slides.

Frames 5-9 comprise a slideshow of close-up pictures of the product that transition at increasing speed. The transitions involve a camera-flash effect intro animation that briefly bathes the image in white. The use of up-close shots before showing the entire car builds up anticipation for the long-shot finale.

Frame 10 contains the final text before presentation of the full product.

Frame 11 features a long shot of the product. A special effect done in Alligator Flash Designer involves an animated glimmer moving from left to right. This required the use of a Bézier line mask to limit the glimmer to the body of the car.

The final frame is a caption concluding the presentation with a gradual fade out.