Selteco Full Suite

The complete software package for creating web pages.

Raptor Web Designer

Above all else, Raptor Web Designer Suite delivers complete freedom to design websites rich in graphics and animated effects. It makes it easy to add subpages featuring new content and links to them across your site, keeping visitors browsing longer. Raptor strategically places your keywords & search phrases to increase your site's PageRank and move it up in search engine results - no coding or programming ability required.

Alligator Flash Designer

Flash is currently the Internet's most widely-supported standard for delivering interactive and animated content. Alligator Flash Designer allows you to create animated sites rich in special-effect transitions between pages, as well as elements that react to mouse rollovers or clicks. You can also use it to create ad banners, multimedia presentations featuring sound and video clips, simple games that can be played directly on your website without needing to be installed on a visitor's computer, and other applications like discount or loan calculators.

Bannershop GIF Animator

Once you've created your website, it's time to promote it using animated ad banners. The human eye is extremely sensitive to movement - either take advantage of this fact or watch your ad budget go to waste. A dull banner won't even be noticed, let alone clicked on. Bannershop GIF Animator allows you to catch the potential visitor's eye with vibrant color in order to maximize your banner's click-through rate.

Photo Lab

The key component of any graphical design project is, well, graphics - and that raw material usually has to be cropped, resized, rotated, have brightness adjusted, and noise removed. It's also vital to optimize images so that they load in as little time as possible. Photo Lab allows you to quickly process and prepare images of every sort for online publication.

Button Maker

This tool is indispensable when creating buttons to make your more website more elegant and point visitors to its other sections. It also creates buttons for your custom contact, order, and inquiry forms. Buttons of various shapes and colors can be used to craft your site's main navigation menu, or clearly divide your content into sections.

FTP Client

Don't put off launching your new website or modernizing your old one. Go for a modern design and image - go interactive. Simply pasting text into free templates is no solution - nobody has time to read through and pore over a page that scrolls on forever. Today's web user browses through pages at increasing speed, making more and more clicks per minute. Choose Full Suite if you want to give your website attractive, intelligible, and eye-catching content.

This program allows you to manage your website files through a direct connection to the server - upload new files, rename existing ones, sort them into subdirectories, or delete them when they're no longer needed. Connection configurations are saved for later use, allowing you to log on to multiple web-servers at the same time.

Flash Screen Builder

Flash Screen Builder allows you to convert any SWF Flash file to a screen saver, or save it as a self-executing EXE file that will open into a full-screen Flash presentation.

Image Mapper

Create clickable imagemaps for your website by placing links inside any graphics. Areas of any shape can be made clickable, be they rectangles, circles, ellipses, or irregular polygons. Each link inside an imagemap can also be given "tooltip text" - a subtitle that displays in a yellow box when the clickable area is rolled over with the mouse.

Menu Maker

Use this program to craft all kinds of website menus, and main navigation menus in particular. Design their appearance and color schemes, add submenus that unfurl when rolled over with the mouse, and even create third-level menus under the submenus themselves. Menu Maker not only allows you to equip your site with a more interactive and modern navigation menu, but also saves precious screen-space by putting all your navigation items up inside the main menu.

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