selteco Photo Lab 4


Automatic exposure can have trouble adjusting for some shots, leading to either underexposure or overexposure.


A solution is to use bracketing, which refers to taking several shots of the same subject at exposure values (EV) under and over the current reading on the exposure meter. For example, after taking a shot with the default exposure setting value, which we call "exposure value 0" or "EV 0" for short, we then take a shot one step up at exposure value plus one, or "EV +1" by halving the shutter speed or doubling the aperture. Finally, the third shot at "EV -1" will be the opposite - double the shutter speed or half the aperture. Thus, by "bracketing" we improve our odds that one of the shots will turn out with the right amount of illumination.

To fix an over- or under-exposed photo, choose the command Adjust > Gamma and move the slider to the right if your shot is underexposed, or to the left if it is overexposed.

gamma0 gamma1 gamma2 Underexposed, f/5.6 1/250s Correct exposure, f/4.0 1/250s Overexposed, f/2.8 1/250s Correct exposure, f/4.0 1/250s