selteco Photo Lab 4

Photo Make Up

A few simple tricks can take the years off a face.

Ever wondered why models always have beautiful, flawless complexions? That's right, facial retouching software. It can be used to remove any imperfections, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, creases, or other signs of age. Now, everyone can enjoy a digital makeover.

Facial retouching is also used to great effect in the music video industry. Close-ups are broken down into individual frames (usually at 24 frames per second), and each frame is individually "improved upon" in a special program. Although that might sound like a heroic effort, close-ups are actually few and far between, and the right software can make quick work of "retouching" a music video.

elderly1 Image510

To smooth complexion, choose the Lasso tool and draw an oval over the face that stays just within it.


Next, choose the option Remove from Selection and outline the eyebrows, eyes, nostrils, and mouth to remove them from the selection.


Choose Filter > Gaussian Blur and set the desired filter strength. That's it! See this effect in action above.