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How to Take Pictures

Every digital camera owner has probably asked themselves the question, "How do I take good pictures?"

Many budding photographers will spend thousands on new equipment, only to be disappointed with how their shots turn out. While a good camera is an important part of a photographer's toolset, it doesn't guarantee instant success.

The following three factors are most important in determining the success of your shots:

● Whether the photograph subject is going to be interesting to viewers
● Whether the is subject adequately illuminated
● Whether the background complements the subject or clashes with it

As you can see, megapixels, focal lengths, and other camera specs don't make the above list. There are great pictures to be taken using compact cameras, though we won't hide the fact that reflex cameras give you more room for maneuver in terms of depth of field, as well as the option to use additional filters and flash units.

Below, we present some good insider tips on how to take pictures.


When taking pictures of people, remember to fully illuminate the dark side of the face and have the subject pose in front of a solid-color background. For more, see:

oSetting Up Your Shots

oPhoto Make Up


oDepth of Field

oColor Correction

oSepia Effect


When photographing buildings, remember to eliminate shaking by setting the camera on a stable surface. Also see:

oStraightening Out Pictures


Have you already taken a number of landscape shots, only to have all of them turn out poorly? See how professional photographers used various filters to make boring landscapes something worth looking at:

oGraduated Filter


It's important to ensure good exposure when taking photographs at sporting events, as the camera subject will be in motion. The shutter speed should be as short as possible - 1/1000 or 1/2000 of a second is best, provided the ambient lighting permits it. Any residual blurriness caused by motion can be evened out using a contrast-enhancing filter. For more, see:

oSharpen Image


To put a subject onto a different background or simply remove the original one, see:

oRemove Background

oChroma Key

oIsolate on White