selteco Photo Lab 4

Scanning Software

Photo Lab allows you to perform additional photo-processing on scans by cropping out the part you're interested in, rotating it, and cleaning up any image noise.


To scan a new document, choose the command File > Scan.

Here, we will walk-through how to clean up and rotate a scanned logo. The same instructions will apply to any scanned document.

If you don't have a scanner, you can take a picture using a digital camera instead. Place your document on a flat surface and, holding the camera raised perpendicular to it, snap a picture.

After sending the scanned image to your computer, it will look something like the image below:



The next step is to straighten out the scan by rotating it. Use the Measure tool to obtain the angle that the logo is slanted by.


Use the command Image > Rotate by a Defined Angle to rotate the scanned image by the angle necessary to make the text level.

Use the Crop tool to cut out the part of the scan you're interested in.


Finally, increase the image contrast to isolate to white and get rid of any remaining image noise.


You can also make the text a solid color by setting the image to be monochromatic.