selteco Photo Lab 4

Graduated Filter

Graduated filters make it possible to alter the hue or brightness of one part of a picture without affecting the rest of it. Such filters are usually used to darken overly bright skies or make grass or sand below more vibrant in color.


If you had forgotten to throw your filter into your camera bag, had run out of time, or are simply still saving up for your future collection of professional camera filters, don't fear - you can add in filter effects later at the post-processing stage.


The Graduated Filter tool allows you to select both the abruptness and length of the filter's transition from one tint to another.

After selecting the start and end points, choose the tint for each half of the filter and set the filter power.



Nothing about this image makes it stand out from thousands like it. After applying a blue-amber graduated filter, the picture's colors are much more vibrant.