selteco Photo Lab 4

How to Take a Screenshot

Screenshots allow you to take what's displayed on your screen and save it as an image file using a graphics program.

To take a screenshot of what's currently open on your desktop, run the program and choose the "Screenshot" option.


To take your screenshot, press the Print Screen [PRTSC] button on the keyboard.

Next, run Photo Lab and choose the option New document from clipboard, or, if the program is already open, choose File > Import Clipboard.

You can now crop or resize your screenshot, as well as save it as a JPEG or PNG file in order to publish it online or send it by e-mail.

Cutting Out Part of a Screenshot

Choose the Scissors or Rectangle Select tool and select the part of the screenshot you want to cut out.

Adding Comments and Graphics

You can also write in text and or draw other items to make your message clearer.

Automatically Crop to the Active Window

If you only want to take a screenshot of the active window, hold down the Alt button while you press Print Screen [PRTSC]. Next, import the screenshot into the program as described above.