Image2 Raptor Web Designer 8

Raster Text

Ordinary webpage text (like what you're reading right now) is written using raster text, i.e. a font installed on the visitor's computer. Raster text is easy for search engine spiders to crawl when indexing webpage content.


Raster text is used to display both headers and paragraph text. It can also be selected using the mouse cursor and then copied to your computer's clipboard.

Since a visitor might not have certain fonts on his or her computer, it is important to use popular "web-safe" fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana.

More artistic subheadings can be created using vector text, since they are saved as bitmaps and will therefore always display correctly, even when the display font has not been installed on a visitor's computer.

Vector Text

Vector text makes it possible to use more artistic fonts that don't have to be installed on a visitor's computer in order to display correctly.

In addition, vector text can be embellished using 3D effects, borders, and coloring. The end product is saved as a bitmap and exported as a PNG file. This saves much time and simplifies the entire webpage design and modification process, as the vector text is edited directly inside the Raptor Web Designer interface.