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Streaming Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least a million. Raptor Web Designer allows you to show your videos on your website, be they hosted on YouTube or on your own server as WMV or MOV files.


Making your own video is an interesting way to diversify your website. Before adding a video, you need to weigh whether it's better for the data transfer load to be on your own server or that of an external service. Hosting your own video files has both advantages and drawbacks.

An undeniable benefit of streaming from your own server is the control it affords over advertisements shown during playback. Video streamed from an external service like YouTube will often show competitors' advertisements.

A possible downside of streaming from your own server is the added expense of ensuring and paying for adequate bandwidth, especially in case of high view counts.

Whatever your decision, Raptor Web Designer gives you both the option to insert your own YouTube videos, and to stream video files hosted on your own server.