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WYSIWYG Design Interface

Visually designing a webpage beats manual coding hands-down when it comes to speed and ease.


What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) is a way of designing webpages through a visual inteface instead of writing code. Many old-school webmasters who cut their teeth on Notepad have a skeptical approach to the graphical interface. However, the advange in terms of time saved over the entire design process quickly becomes apparent. While coding a webpage design in HTML and CSS takes days or even weeks, and the end product displays differently in each browser, getting a graphical layout ready for publication in Raptor Web Designer is merely a matter of a few hours.

Raptor Web Designer frees the user from the arduous work of crafting code together with creating a separate directory for each subpage and subdirectories for their image files. The ease of moving around objects makes it possible to try out several or even over a dozen alternative page designs and color schemes, as well as optimize images for the homepage. The precision of the computer program ensures that it always generates W3C standard compliant code.

All this comes with no loss of control over the coding itself, and you can add your own custom code to any page. Raptor Web Designer allows you to manually insert any hand-coded HTML, JavaScript, or PHP you need to create more elaborate services. It's even possible to add subpages entirely coded by hand that still use your website's site-wide graphical design.